4 point inspection full guide: what it is and how to get one

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So, you’ve found the perfect policy. 

However, the insurer has now requested you submit a 4 point inspection report. What is that and how do you get one?

What is a 4 point inspection?

There are many reasons why insurance companies in Florida ask for a 4 point inspection, with these reasons varying from company to company. For example, one insurer might ask for one if the home is older than 40 years old.  

The reason typically revolves around the risk that an insurance company will take if they decide to insure your home. It is more likely that you will file a claim for an older home compared to a brand-new home. Because of this, an inspection of your home’s important parts is required.  

A 4 point inspection looks at the four major systems in your home: roof, electrical, plumbing, and the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system. An inspection looks to see that these systems are well maintained and functioning.  

Here are there are usually details an inspector will look for. These, of course, vary from inspector to inspector.  

  • Roof – an inspection looks at the roof material as well as its age and condition.  
  • Electrical – the type of wiring is looked at in an inspection in addition to its brand and condition  
  • Plumbing – the supply and drain lines are evaluated in an inspection. It searches for any leaks. The hot water heater is looked at as well as its age.
  • HVAC – Inspectors check for leaks in an HVAC system. They also consider its age and condition.  

How can I get a 4 point inspection?

You can get a 4 point inspection by hiring a specialist, who may be a licensed inspector or a building contractor. The cost typically runs from $50 to $100. You can reach out to HoneyQuote.com for an affordable inspector recommendation.  

Some insurance companies will ask for a 4 point inspection before binding your insurance policy, while others may ask for it after the purchased has been made.  

It’s always a good idea to get this report when asked, as insurers are known to cancel policies over it. If you absolutely cannot get one, there is a chance that another insurance company may still offer your policy but at a greater premium.

Need help finding a good inspector? Agents at HoneyQuote are waiting to help you. Get in touch.

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