5 unusual insurance types you won’t believe are real

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Not too long ago, Homeinsured.org brought you an overview of one the strangest insurance policies ever: alien abduction insurance.

But since then, we’ve been made aware of several more types of policies that you probably never knew existed. (We didn’t!). Some of these are actually pretty smart buys while others, well, might deserve a skip. See for yourself!

Wedding insurance

One of the least unusual ones, wedding insurance is designed to protect couples against financial loss should they be forced to cancel their wedding. Some of the covered perils would include a death in the family or a natural disaster. It can also cover liability should a guest get injured on your big day. Not a bad purchase for Floridians, I'd say.

‘Change of Heart’ insurance

An extension of the wedding insurance, the ‘change of heart’ policy covers those who are funding the wedding in case the bride or groom gets cold feet and cancels the wedding. If this occurs, any money already spent on the wedding would be reimbursed.

Death by falling coconut insurance

While this might not exist in Florida, probably because our risk is too great here, there was once a UK travel company that wrote insurance policies to cover people in the event they get hit on the head with a coconut and, well, die. The policy came after it was said that falling coconuts account for 150 deaths each year. Not sure I feel about this one.

Haunted house insurance

Say you’re planning to organize a haunted house for next Halloween. You might want to think about adding some insurance to your witches and chain-saw-wielding killers. This insurance offers liability protection. So, in case a guest falls or has a heart attack, this policy is designed to protect you against costly lawsuits. Again, not a bad purchase.

Immaculate conception insurance

We’ll end this article with this gem. Three sisters in Scotland once took out insurance to cover the costs in the event they were to give birth to the second incarnation of Jesus Christ. This is not the first time this type of policy was written, and it sure won’t be the last. But if you’re wondering if you need this, well, I cannot help you there.

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