All about alien abduction insurance – Yes, it’s a thing

Photo of Florida aliens in car

Home, car, health, and life. Chances are you’ve heard about these kinds of insurance several times before. But have you ever heard of alien abduction insurance?

Yes, it exists. And yes, it’s available in Florida.

Also known as UFO insurance, this type of insurance is intended for those who are worried about the financial risk that comes with being abducted by aliens.

For example, some may seek coverage for medical expenses, including psychiatric care, that follows a non-human abduction while others will seek payout in the event of an alien pregnancy, alien examinations, and death caused by aliens.

If you’re interested in a policy, or perhaps interested in purchasing one as a gag gift, here is an overview of where you can buy alien abduction insurance and its costs.

UFO Abduction Insurance Company

This Florida insurer has been writing alien abduction insurance policies since 1987. Located in Altamonte Springs, the company says its policies are perfect “for anyone who thinks they have everything covered.”

You can purchase $10 million in alien abduction insurance for a single lifetime premium of $19.95. You’ll receive a “gold bordered” policy claim form and a frequent flyer endorsement, according to the company’s website.

Policyholders can claim the $10 million if they can prove they were taken by “aliens not from this planet” and then returned. Of course, they will need one of the aliens on the ship to sign the claim form. Once a claim is approved, the beneficiary will be distributed $1 a year for 10 million years, or until their passing.

This payout doubles to $20 million if the aliens insist on conjugal visits, if the encounter results in any offspring, or if the aliens refer to the abductee as a nutritional food source.

Bottom line

Alien abduction insurance is real and is available for purchase in Florida. You might, however, want to read the fine print before purchasing this policy. 

But in all seriousness, this insurance does sound like a fun gift, even if it’s not a necessary purchase. There are more important risks at hand, such as hurricanes. But if you’re worried about alien abduction, at least you’ll know where to find coverage.

Interested in real insurance? Head over to to get instant quotes from insurers around Florida.

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