Does your home insurer cover flood damage? A list of Florida providers

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It is no secret that the 2017 Hurricane Harvey had a devastating impact on homes in the Houston, Texas area, but according to The New York Times, only 40 percent of an estimated $30 billion in damages was covered by insurance. 

In Florida, the risk of flood is greater, thanks to our proximity to water and being geographically located right smack in the middle of many hurricanes’ paths. 

Despite this, few home insurance providers cover flood damage. This must be purchased separately. And depending on your location, policies can vary greatly. 

Most homeowners’ flood coverage has historically been underwritten by the federal National Flood Insurance Program, but this program is facing financial uncertainty, The Times reported. 

It may be right for you to add private flood insurance to your existing policy. Here are just some Florida’s home insurers that offer flood coverage in addition to a homeowners policy. 

Florida Peninsula Insurance Company 

The group’s flood insurance is intended to replace the need for a standalone flood policy and is designed to cover personal possessions up to a selected coverage amount. 

According to its website, the company’s endorsement exceeds the normal limits of a standalone policy and can provide up to $2 million in coverage for your home and $1 million in coverage for your personal belongings. 

Tower Hill Insurance

This insurer now offers stand-alone flood policies with coverage up to $5 million, according to its website. 

The group claims it provides “significant advantages” over the standard National Flood Insurance Program policies. There is also a 5 percent premium credit available for customers who purchase homeowners’ (HO-3) or Imperial Shield policy through a Tower Hill company.

Homeowners Choice Property & Casualty 

This is another group which offers flood coverage by endorsement to existing homeowners’ policies or through a standalone policy. Both options are intended to protect homes and personal belongings from flood damage. 

The products are an alternative to the National Flood Insurance Program policies, the website states, and coverage is available to homeowners located in all flood zones.

American Integrity Insurance Company of Florida 

This provider claims its flood endorsement offers rates 15 percent lower than those available through the National Flood Insurance Program. There is also no waiting period for its flood coverage to go into effect, its website states.

The company also states that it is one of less than a handful of insurance companies that obtained a certification from Florida’s Office of Insurance Regulation, which ensures its coverage is as broad as the coverage offered by the National Flood Insurance Program.   

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