5 simple home improvements to reduce your Florida insurance premium

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No matter if you’re a born-and-bred Floridian or a seasonal snowbird, no one is safe once Florida home insurance companies decide it’s time to increase our premiums.

Just last year, state regulators approved at least two home insurance companies’ requests to increase their rates, citing high costs due to a surge in claims.

In response to this, many homeowners will seek ways to reduce their coverage. However, this can be dangerous if they find themselves underinsured. 

Instead, homeowners are encouraged to look for potential discounts with their home insurance providers by making simple improvements to their homes.


Ensuring that your home is up-to-date on the latest wiring and electrical can put you and your insurer at ease about potential electrical fires.


It may be time to get a professional to check out your pipes and make sure no leaks or clogging exist. This could you save you from a larger bill down the road as a result of water damage.

Heating and Air Conditioning

While many Florida homes already have a central heating and AC system, many are outdated. Investing in a new system can not only lower your insurance costs but also low your monthly energy bill.

Mold Maintenance

Living in Florida has many perks, but it also comes with humidity which is the perfect environment for mold. Inspecting your home frequently for cracks in your floors or on your roof can help you prevent mold from making it indoors.

Garage door

You may already think your home is hurricane-proof, but what about your garage door?. Investing in an impact rated garage door is sure to score you discounts on insurance as well as protect your family in the event of a major storm.

In addition to these updates, you may already have several features in your home that many home insurance companies deem to be discount-worthy. 

Scheduling a wind mitigation inspection, for example, is a good way to find what you already have and let your insurer know. Read more about wind mitigation here.

Need help with asking for discounts? Get in touch with an expert insurance agent by visiting HoneyQuote.com.

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