Miami makes it easier for homeowners to make renovations

Miami homeowners looking to remodel their homes will be able to do so easily thanks to a new city initiative.

Mayor Francis Suarez says his vision is to fully digitize the experience
Source: WalletHub
Source: WalletHub

Miami homeowners looking to remodel their homes will be able to do so easily thanks to a new city initiative that aims to speed up the permit process.

Since April 9, 2018, homeowners seeking permits no longer need to run the applications from department to department, with city workers now tasked with processing the applications on the homeowners’ behalf. The new initiative is expected to expedite the permit process to 30 days or less, the city said in a recent statement.

More than 50 types of permits are included in the new process, including remodeling, garage doors, fences, windows, and awnings, the statement said.

“Working in the City of Miami should always be an easy and efficient experience for our residents. Expedited permitting is an important step toward continuing to innovate our internal process. My vision is to fully digitize the experience, so that soon residents can access City Hall without having to leave their homes,” said Mayor Francis Suarez.

City Manager Emilio Gonzalez added: “We’re focused on unclogging our processes every day. The new expedited permit process has us doing the legwork, and gives residents the ability to oversee the process without it being a burden.”

However, not all permits are available for the expedited program, including those requiring tree removal and structures located in a historic district or in Neighborhood Conservation District 3.

Homeowners can find permit applications online, but must submit them in person. After submitting a notarized permit application along with plans and other required documents, homeowners can track their status using the Building Department Number.

If for any reason a permit is flagged by a department, the applicant will be contacted by the city and given the chance to correct the issue within seven days, the statement said. Only two of these corrections will be allowed. Within 30 days, homeowners can expect a final decision to be made on their permit application.

The City of Miami said it is working to introduce electronic plan review in the new future, which will make it even easier for applicants and allow them to submit permit applications online.

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