Top Florida cities most vulnerable to hurricanes

Eight well-known Florida cities have been named among the top US cities most prone to hurricanes. These places have had the highest number of severe hurricanes in recent years.

Source: WalletHub
Source: WalletHub

Eight well-known Florida cities have been named among the top US cities most prone to hurricanes. These have had the highest number of severe hurricanes in recent years.

According to multiple online sources, the Sunshine State takes up 8 spots of the top 10 list. These cities sit on either the Atlantic Coast or Gulf of Mexico.

10. Grand Isle, Louisiana

Some of the deadliest tropical storms and hurricanes to ever hit the United States have struck the Louisiana shoreline.

Memorable storms include Andrew in 1992, Camille in 1969, Betsy in 1965, Audrey in 1957, the AugustHurricane of 1940, the September Hurricane of 1915, the Cheniere Caminanda hurricane of October 1893, the Isle Dernieres storm of 1856, and the Racer’s Storm of 1837.

According to HurricaneCity, this Grand Isle takes a lot of those storms, with about 24 named in recent years. It gets hit or brushed by a storm every 2 and a half years. It get hits directly by a hurricane once every 6 years.

9. Ft. Pierce, Florida

The 1928 Fort Pierce hurricane devastated areas of Florida and the Southeastern United States in August 1928.

In 2004, Hurricane Jeanne hit this area with 120mph winds. Many trees were crushed and there was power outages for days. A second hurricane hit just 22 days later. Some roofs blown off homes, many mobile homes were damaged. Officials reported that schools suffered more severe damage duringHurricane Jeanne than Hurricane Frances, according to HurricaneCity.

This city gets brushed or hit by a storm every 2 and a half years. A direct hurricane will make its way toward Ft Pierce once every 6 years.

8. Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

This city was most recently struck by Hurricane Wilma in 2005, which caused many multifamily dwellings to become uninhabitable. The city suffered through 104 mph winds. But before that, Ft. Lauderdale dealt with Hurricane Irene in 1999, which had killed four people in Weston.

According to HurricaneCity, Ft. Lauderdale can expect to be hit or brushed by a storm every 2 and a half years. It will have direct hurricane impact once every 6 years.

7. Boca Raton, Florida

This city has been hit with at least 27 named storms in the past few years. It is likely to be brushed or hit by a storm on average every 2 years. A direct hurricane makes its way to Boca Raton once every 6 years, according to

In 2005, Hurricane Wilma made its way to Boca Raton with 105mph winds. Wilma passed just north of Boca while the east eye wall hit the metro areas. Damage was extensive in Boca Raton, especially along US1. It suffered significant roof damage to many buildings, power poles and signs. It is reported that Hurricane Wilma caused an estimated $20 billion in damage and 35 deaths in Florida.  

6. Florida City, Florida

Florida City is a city in Miami-Dade County, Florida and is the southern most municipality in the South Florida metropolitan area. It is primarily a Miami suburb and a major agricultural area. The city gets either brushed or hit by a storm every 2 and a half years. It sees direct hurricanes once every 5 and a half years.

At least 17 named storms passed by Florida City in recent years. In 1992, Hurricane Andrew devastated this area with 165 mph gusts. About 90 percent of mobile homes were destroyed. In 1999, Hurricane Irene also passed this area with 85mph winds, causing heavy flooding.

In 2005, Hurricane Katrina brought down many trees in Florida City and up to 15 inches of rain.

5. Deerfield Beach, Florida

This city was also severely damaged in 1926 and1928 by major hurricanes. The Miami Hurricane hit Deerfield the hardest toward the south. Deerfield was still recovering in 1928 when, with little warning, another hurricane came ashore in Deerfield with 140 mile an hour winds.

This damaged almost every building in the city. This hurricane, also referred to as the Okeechobee Hurricane, moved on to hit Lake Okeechobee where at least 2,500 people drowned. This made it the second most deadly tropical cyclone in the history of the US.

According to, DeerfieldBeach has been hit by at least 22 named storms in recent years. It is hit on average every 2 years, and a direct hurricane arrives every 5 years.

4. Delray Beach, Florida

The Delray Newspaper reports that Over the last century, at least 10 major hurricanes have wreaked havoc on Delray Beach and surrounding areas.

The early hurricanes did not have official names, though long-time residents refer to the catastrophic “Big Ones” by the years they blew ashore. The 2005 Atlantic hurricane season was the most active in recorded history with a record 28tropical and subtropical storms. It’s also notable as the year with the most recent hurricane to strike Delray Beach.

The 23rd named storm of the Atlantic hurricane season, Wilma, roared into town on Oct. 24, with 105mph winds causing extensive damage, widespread power outages, uprooted trees, toppled signs and severe roof damage to many buildings.

According toHurricaneCity, Delray gets hit or brushed once year 2 and a half years. It sees direct hurricane impact once every five years.

3. Hollywood, Florida

During the 1926 Miami hurricane, Hollywood was severely damaged; local newspapers reported thatHollywood was second only to Miami in losses from the storm.

According, at least 23 named storms have hit Hollywood in the last few years. The city gets either brushed or hit by a storm every 2 years on average.A direct hurricane hit occurs once every 5 years in Hollywood, Florida.

2. Cape Hattaras, North Carolina

According to, from 1851 to 2018, North Carolina has been directly hit by more than 83 tropical storms and hurricanes, 12 of which could be considered major, meaning they were at least a Category 3 on the Saffir-Simpson hurricane wind scale.

Only one,Hurricane Hazel in 1954, was a Category 4.

A Category 5 hurricane has never hit North Carolina directly, but experts say it's certainly possible.

According to, Cape Hattaras gets brushed or hit by a storm every 1 and a half years. It gets direct hurricane impact once every 4 and a half years.

1. Miami, Florida

Miami is no stranger to famous and destructive hurricanes. But if there is one that really takes the cake, it’s HurricaneAndrew 1992. It is considered by experts to be the most significant hurricane to hit Miami. Even though it was small and only affected South Dade, it made the most damage.

Andrew devastated south Miami with 165 mph winds. It caused about 30 billion dollars in damage.Homestead, Kendall and Florida City suffered the most.

According to HurricaneCity, Miami can expect to be brushed or hit by a storm every 2 years.A hurricane will make direct impact once every 4 and half years in Miami.

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